Block Party Applications

Block Party Applications

Have you ever wanted to host a Block Party for your neighbors? Our West Bayfront is opening the opportunity for West Bayfront residents to apply for a small grant of $250 to help with neighborhood get-togethers.

The goal is to have neighbors organize and plan their Block Parties and invite their block to a gathering that builds relationships and furthers community. The mini-grant can go towards food costs, family-friendly entertainment, or any other costs that directly relate to the event. Every block is different! We invite you to organize an event that will involve and attract as many people on your block as possible! It could be a pot-luck dinner, pancakes on a Saturday morning, a music hour, hiring an ice cream truck for a Friday afternoon, etc. Complete the form below to begin!

Guidelines and How to Apply:

  • The resident will choose the details. Such as: time, date, purpose, boundaries of the block, goal of the gathering.
  • Whether it be going door to door with save the date flyers or invitations for the Block Party, block party organizers will be responsible for promoting their event to their neighbors.
  • OWB can support with:
    • Working with the City of Erie to closing the street if possible
    • Any relevant permits
    • Printing promotional materials/invites
    • Up to $250 to cover costs of food/music/supplies
  • Receipts for reimbursement are required if application is accepted.
  • This funding cannot cover to purchase of alcoholic drinks.

Host a Block Party! Mini-Grant Application

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