The Project

Our West Bayfront is full of amazing restaurants and businesses that residents and visitors should know about! That’s why we are excited to launch an initiative focused on serving and promoting the businesses found within the West Bayfront! Our businesses play a huge role in the vibrant community that we live in, and we want our neighbors to know what they have to offer! We aim to provide those who have lived here for decades, those new to the area, and those visiting with a comprehensive guide to the restaurants and businesses in the West Bayfront that they should visit, and believe that you can never overestimate the importance of shopping local.

Still growing and developing, the initiative officially launched in January 2019 with the promotion of the many delicious and authentic restaurants in the neighborhood. Don’t miss out on what the West Bayfront has to offer! Check out some of our restaurant materials below, and stay tuned for more information on businesses in the West Bayfront.

If you are looking for opportunities to get involved in this initiative please contact us!

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