Renaissance Blocks


Our West Bayfront focuses on revitalization activities, including home repairs and park enhancements, in targeted areas identified in the Our West Bayfront Community Plan. For example, in 2018 we launched the Gridley Park Renaissance Block project that provided matching grants to property owners adjacent to the park, thanks to support by ECGRA. The block-by-block approach guided by our plan ensures that these investments are visible and that they will therefore encourage nearby property owners to invest in their properties.

Bayview Park


Since 2017, Our West Bayfront has worked with the City of Erie and hundreds of residents to plan and undertake major improvements to Bayview Park, located at West 2nd and Cherry Streets. The first phase of park improvements, including the installation of the City’s first “splash pad”, new benches, and a multipurpose court, was completed in 2019. Additional projects including public art and new lighting is planned for 2020.

Re-STORE West 8th Street


Shops, restaurants, markets, and neighborhood services – these are the types of businesses OWB would like to draw to West 8th Street, the West Bayfront’s primary commercial district. Re-STORE West 8th Street is an initiative to enhance the West 8th Street corridor from Liberty Street to Myrtle Street to support existing local businesses and encourage others to open in the community.

Lights On! Our West Bayfront


Lights On! Our West Bayfront is a resident-led community initiative to improve safety and security in the West Bayfront by improving lighting throughout the neighborhoods. The initiative encourages residents to turn their porch lights on throughout the evening to improve visibility and safety for their neighbors walking at night.

Westerdahl Park


Named for the market that was once located on the same site at the intersection of West 4th and Poplar Streets, Westerdahl Park is a pocket park in the community, located at 633 West 4th Street. Residents and volunteers transformed this property into an urban oasis that includes a reading bench, Little Free Library, and commmunity garden beds.

Only in Our West Bayfront


Our West Bayfront functions not only through visible physical improvements, but also by working to change the perspective of the entire community to reflect a higher focus on community values and safety. We are excited to launch an initiative focused on serving the businesses found within the West Bayfront! Our businesses play a huge role in the vibrant community that we live in, and we want our neighbors to know what they have to offer!