Our Mission

OWB’s mission is to enhance the quality of life in Erie’s West Bayfront neighborhoods through civic engagement, thoughtful development, historical preservation and neighborhood pride. Our West Bayfront is an inclusive and thriving community where neighbors look out for neighbors, partners work together to preserve and enhance the West Bayfront’s unique assets, and mobilized residents are shaping the future of our neighborhoods and our city.

Invest in Our West Bayfront

While there are many ways to invest in Erie’s West Bayfront, our organization would not be able to maintain its impact without your continued generosity and financial support. Give on Erie Gives Day in August, or online anytime.

We are infinitely grateful for the willingness of businesses and community members to give. It is our donors that push our many projects forward toward completion. Click below to invest in Erie’s West Bayfront.

Looking to Move to Our West Bayfront?

Our West Bayfront is a beautiful place to live with beautiful views and amenities right within walking distance. The West Bayfront is not only central to Erie’s beautiful waterfront, a bustling downtown, and a main highway that makes traveling convenient, but it is also a community full of caring neighbors, growing local businesses and opportunities, and housing opportunities. Click below to see what makes the West Bayfront an ideal place for anyone to live. 

Upcoming Events

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