Walk 4: 


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This week’s walk is a scavenger hunt to find all of the points of interest. Use the clues and riddles to discover interesting locations in the West Bayfront. The answers and additional information about these points are at the bottom of the page.


  1. 1. This is a place that is quite serene
  2. You can come here to pray, relax, or drink your caffeine
  3. If after these past few years, relaxing is your motto,
  4. Come on down to the __________________________


  1. 2. Many of our streets align on a grid
  2. We have Cherry and Plum, West 3rd, 4th, and 5th
  3. But we do have a couple anomalies to report 
  4. This hidden row of houses resides at _________________


  1. 3. You’ll need a keen eye to find this splotch on the concrete
  2. If you’re in the right place, it’ll be under your feet
  3. Standing here is the best view you’ll ever take,
  4. Can you find the splotch of paint that form the ________________



  1. 4. I know, I know, this isn’t too hidden,
  2. But once you see it, I know you’ll be smitten
  3. Come enjoy the view and rest on the benches if you’re   weary,
  4. And gaze upon the beautiful sign that says _______________


  1. 5. Hey, did you know about this amazing path?
  2. Takes you right to the Bay, so you can jump in for a   bath!
  3. It’s so convenient, Bay access that doesn’t fail
  4. At the foot of this street, you can find the start to _________________



  2. The Answers:

    1. 1. Villa Grotto
    2. The Grotto at the Villa Maria Apartments depicts the story of Our Lady of Lourdes, the Catholic legend in which Mary, the Mother of Jesus, came to Saint Bernadette in Lourdes. In the city of Lourdes, France a devotional grotto stands, whose water is said to have miraculous healing powers. Here in Erie, people can use the grotto as a place to pray, meditate, rest, and find peace. 
    2. 2. Downing Court
    3. Downing Court was once a private road, created in the 1910s by G. Daniel and Mabel Baldwin. Downing Court features a row of brick houses with beautiful hardwood floors. The private road was conveyed to the City of Erie in 1925; however, was forgotten to be a public street until 2019. The City believed Downing Court to be private and refused to maintain the street until 2020 when the Downing Court Homeowner Association produced a deed proving that the street was public.


    1. 3. Great Lakes
    2. This small “mural” might just look like a splotch, but when you stand facing the Bay, you will see that this “splotch” is actually a small mural of the Great Lakes: Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Lake Superior. We are lucky to live on Lake Erie, whose fresh water provides drinking water to over 11 million people. 


    1. 4. Erie
    2. If you haven’t seen it yet, you haven’t looked hard enough! The beautiful “Erie” sign is 10 feet wide and 5 feet high and a great place for photo opportunities. It was created and donated by Ben Davis and Jason Wieczorek of Gene Davis Sales and Services.


    1. 5. Cascade Trial
    2. Cascade Trail was constructed in 2015 by the Erie-Western PA Port Authority, which allows residents of OWB to easily access the waterfront. At the top of Cascade Path is a newly installed artwork, “Sun Gate”, created by Tom Ferrarro, Ron Bayuzick and Ed Grout. The piece builds on the ArtForce project, a collaboration between the artists and Strong Vincent Middle School students that also resulted in two murals located on Cascade Street.

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