Our Mission


The mission of Our West Bayfront is to enhance the quality of life in the West Bayfront neighborhoods by promoting civic involvement, thoughtful development, historical preservation, and neighborhood pride.

Our History

Our West Bayfront is a neighborhood revitalization organization created in 2014 by interested residents and community partners throughout Erie’s West Bayfront neighborhoods. Now a nonprofit organization with full-time staff, OWB is working to enhance the quality of life throughout the West Bayfront. Our work is guided by the Our West Bayfront Community Plan, completed in 2016, which identifies a range of strategies to “build a better Bayfront.”

What We Do

Our West Bayfront strives to make a positive impact in the West Bayfront neighborhoods through a variety of services, programs, and events. These include the transformation of parks such as Bayview Park, the creation of pocket parks, and programs for local homeowners hoping to make improvements.

Beyond that, we aim to connect residents and businesses with resources that are available to them within their community. We believe that our local businesses play a major part in determining the economic health of this area, and that they deserve to be known! We hope to partner with businesses to help develop and grow their consumer base. Other initiatives include those that promote increases safety in the West Bayfront, primarily the Light’s On initiative, which encourages residents to improve visibility by leaving their porch light on at night.

OWB offers several resources to property owners in the West Bayfront to help improve the safety, quality, and appearance of residential and commercial structures. Property owners throughout the West Bayfront are eligible to apply; however, preference may be given to prioritized blocks. Please contact OWB at (814) 871-7050 to learn more and obtain an application.