811 West 7th Street

811 West 7th Street

A Community Build Project

811 West 7th Street is a long-vacant property that is in need of extensive renovation. This project is not a regular renovation project, however! Our West Bayfront is actively recruiting for volunteers and partners for the 811 West 7th Street Community Build. Volunteers won’t just be lending their valuable time and skills; they’ll be building equity that will be passed on to West Bayfront families not just at 811 West 7th Street, but other future homes as well.

By training and supervising volunteers throughout the process, three important goals will be accomplished:


Volunteers will be engaged in a unique way that will have high rewards for both the organization and the volunteer.

Renovation costs will be drastically reduced, freeing up funding for other projects.

Rebuild and reactivate a house that the community has invested their time and resources in to support their future neighbor.

Upcoming volunteer days

Pre-scheduled volunteer days are available too! RSVP is required, and you should expect follow-up once you submit your RSVP.

December 2023

Work will include light demolition and preparation for mechanical installations.

December 6, 9AM-1PM

December 8, 9AM-3PM

December 13, 9AM-1PM

December 15, 9AM-3PM

December 20, 9AM-1PM

January 2023

Work will include light demolition and preparation for mechanical installations.

January 3, 9AM-3PM

January 5, 9AM-3PM

January 10, 9AM-3PM

January 12, 9AM-3PM

Other Ways to Support This Project:

Financial Support

Be a part of this transformative and innovative project with various levels of finanical support. Contact Anna Frantz to learn more.

Donate Equipment

Donate equpiment that help the volunteers get the job done. Contact Dan Pertl to learn more.

Provide Meals to Volunteers

Provide meals to volunteers to help enhance their experience. Contact Marissa Litzenberg to learn more.

Purchase from the Home Registry

Help fill the home with vital appliances and items to make sure it’s a welcoming space both inside and out.