Our West Bayfront coordinates a variety projects and programs to enhance the quality of life in the West Bayfront neighborhoods and advance the goals of the Our West Bayfront Community Plan [link to OWB plan page], a resident-led community planning effort that puts the voices of our community first.

We are working to create safe, affordable and healthy homes for our residents through a variety of housing programs and by connecting residents to resources available throughout the region. [link to housing page]. We facilitate community planning efforts to enhance public spaces including community parks, streets, and vacant lots, and create public artworks that celebrate the history and future of the community. [link to parks and public spaces]. Our free events and activities bring residents together and create new opportunities for fun in the neighborhoods. We are working to enhance the commercial corridor along West 8th Street to grow and attract neighborhood-oriented small businesses that meet the needs of residents.

Connecting you to Housing Resources

A core focus of OWB’s work is to stabilize the West Bayfront neighborhoods by creating healthier, safer, and more affordable housing. Several of our ongoing initiatives are described below. If you are interested in learning more about the home repair resources currently available to property owners in the West Bayfront, please complete the OWB Preliminary Application Form or contact our office by calling (814)-871-7050.

Contact us and we will do our best to direct you towards those that can serve you and your home best!

block projects

Renaissance Block Projects

Since 2017, OWB has participated in the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority Renaissance Block Program, assisting dozens of property owners with repairs and enhancements to their residential properties. Through this program, OWB provides matching grants to property owners on blocks that are in selected based on the priorities of the OWB Community Plan, and where there is an interest among neighbors in a revitalization partnership. To date, OWB Renaissance Block Projects have focused on Liberty Street and the blocks adjacent to Gridley Park. Over 20 properties have been assisted to date through this unique initiative.

Group Work Camp

Every year, OWB partners with the national Group Work Camp program, which brings hundreds of high-school aged students into the Erie area to participate in a community service project focused on home repairs. This program provides minor repair needs including interior/exterior painting and porch/deck repair.

group work camp
additional resources for west bayfront residents

Other resources available in the region to assist residents with property needs

Our West Bayfront also acquires and renovates properties either for rental or for sale. Our rental units are managed by Housing and Neighborhood Service, Inc. (HANDS). Please visit their website for information about any available properties in the community.

Community Initiatives

Our West Bayfront collaborates with neighbors, local businesses, and other nonprofit organizations to pursue several initiatives that are aimed at building and maintaining beautiful, useful, and safe community spaces that improve the lives of neighbors and friends.

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