Parks & Public Spaces

The West Bayfront’s beautiful parks, leafy walkable streets, and community gathering spaces are among the community’s greatest assets. OWB works closely with the City of Erie, residents, and other partners to enhance our parks and public spaces, so they bring residents together, encourage activity, and reflect the rich diversity and history of the community.

At Bayview Park, OWB has been working with the City of Erie since 2017 to implement the community’s vision of a vibrant community gathering space overlooking Presque Isle Bay. Gridley Park, in the heart of the West Bayfront, is an historic park that was part of the City of Erie’s earliest designs.

OWB is currently developing a concept plan to envision future enhancements that will ensure this special park continues to meet the community’s need. OWB has also created several “pocket parks,” that transform vacant lots to beautiful green spaces. These include Westerdahl Park at the corner of West 4th Street and Poplar Street, and People’s Park in the Bayfront Minimall at Cherry Street and West 4th Street.

Streetscape Improvements & Public Safety

OWB works with residents to ensure the West Bayfront streets are safe, clean, and well maintained to ensure that all residents feel comfortable walking and bicycling around the community. We work with residents to plant street trees, particularly on blocks that lack adequate tree coverage with our Tree Planting Initiative. To reduce litter, OWB has installed 16 trash receptacles that are regularly emptied by committed neighborhood volunteers, as well as frequently coordinating cleanup days involving the community.

Our Lights On OWB project also encourages residents to leave an outside light on for neighbors and provides grant assistance to help repair or install exterior lighting at properties where they are missing. OWB has coordinated the installation of security cameras at 15 properties throughout the community to reduce crime. If you have a security camera at your home or business, please add it to the Erie County District Attorney’s Camera Registry to make it easier for law enforcement to conduct investigations.

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public art projects

Public Art Projects

Since 2017, OWB has coordinated the installation of 5 new works of public art created with community involvement. These pieces include Sun Gate, an ornamental sculpture at the top of Cascade Path, We The People, a piece that includes wooden portraits of 50 West Bayfront residents at People’s Park at West 4th and Cherry Street, and The Pontiacs, a mural on the backstop at Pontiac Field in Bayview Park.