Re-Store West 8th Street Commercial Corridor

Re-Store West 8th Street Commercial Corridor

Our West Bayfront has been working since 2018 on the “Re-Store West 8th Street” initiative, a partnership with residents, business and property owners, the City of Erie, and local funders, to enhance the mixed-use West 8th Street Corridor from Cherry Street to Sassafras Street.  Identified as a priority focus area in the OWB Community Plan [Hyperlink to OWB plan], this area is already home to several small businesses and organizations including Mueller’s Key Shop, Fat Lenny’s, and Porky’s Pizza, and has potential to expand as a vibrant, neighborhood-oriented business district.

Program goals include repairs and rehabilitation of the buildings along the corridor, attracting businesses to the existing vacant commercial spaces, improving safety and security, and enhancing pedestrian safety.

A variety of improvements to the corridor have been made since 2018, including:

  • Rehabilitation of the vacant property at 404-406 West 8th Street, now home to the OWB office/community space, a commercial tenant, and three affordable rental units
  • Repairs/renovations at 19 other privately-owned properties on the 300 and 400 blocks,
  • Security cameras installed at 6 properties

OWB is currently working with City Architecture and a steering committee of residents, business owners and property owners, to develop a streetscape design plan for the corridor. This plan, excerpts of which are below, will provide specific recommendations on signage, street trees, planters, and infrastructure improvements that will further enhance the area for residents, businesses, and visitors.

See our West 8th Street Streetscape Plan Recommendation Draft today