OWB Revitalization Projects

Walk 4: August 3 – August 9, 2020

OWB Revitalization Projects

Walk 4: August 3 – August 9, 2020
OWB Revitalization Projects walk path

In this week’s West BayWalk we’ll check out some of the projects undertaken by Our West Bayfront since 2017, and see a few sites where projects are soon to come! These projects, including improvements to blighted buildings, vacant lots, city parks, and more, are the result of collaborative efforts among residents and dozens of community partners, and represent hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment in the OWB neighborhoods. Come see what we’re working on!

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1.  Gridley Park Renaissance Block: West 6th Street and Liberty Street

Through the Gridley Park Renaissance Block project, 25 homes circling the park have been renovated, sidewalks have been replaced, porches repaired, and new benches have been installed throughout the park.

2.  Re-Store West 8th Street: West 8th Street from Cherry Street to Chestnut Street

OWB is working with property owners and the City of Erie to make improvements to nearly 20 properties, install security cameras, and improvements walkability. The centerpiece of the project is the restoration of the 404-06 West 8th St, which will include retail, office and affordable rental units when complete.

3. Bayfront NATO Mini Mall Vacant Lot Project: Corner of Cherry and West 4th St

This vacant lot adjacent to the mini-mall is being improved this summer with input from local artists Alex Anthes and Fredy Mallqui and will include picnic tables, public art, and landscaping.

4. Erie MLK Center: West 4th and Chestnut Streets

The Erie MLK Center is a founding partner of OWB. The organizations work closely together on many programs and projects, including the parking lot landscaping, the community gardens across the street, and the annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner.

5. OWB Rehab Project: 312 Walnut Street

OWB is currently renovating this two-family home which will provide affordable rental housing for two households.

6.  Bayview Park: West 2nd Street (Cherry/Walnut Streets)

OWB, the City of Erie, and West Bayfront residents have been working closely on improvements to this neighborhood park since 2017. The new splash pad, benches, pathways, and multipurpose court were installed in 2019. Artwork celebrating the history of Pontiac Field and the players who used this field for generations is to be installed on the field backstop in August 2020.

7. Cascade Park/Barbara Nietkewicz Park : Cascade and West 2nd Streets

Thanks to a generous donor, this park will soon have new benches and trash receptacles.

8. ArtForce Mural at Bayview Tavern, 331 Cascade Street.

This mural was created by the ArtForce team of Strong Vincent Middle School students working with Tom Ferraro and Ed Grout. Students identified the need for better connections to the waterfront, and worked together to create two murals to point the way to the waterfront. A second mural will soon be installed at Cascade and West 8th Street.

9. Westerdahl Park: 663 West 4th Street

This “pocket park” was named for the corner store that occupied the site years ago. Neighbors helped to design the park and now help to care for it. Look for the brick outline of the building that once stood on the site, garden plots maintained by neighbors, engraved bench, and Little Free Library

10. OWB Rehab Project: 646 West 5th Street

OWB acquired this vacant and blighted property from the Erie Redevelopment Authority. It has been completely renovated and will soon be occupied.

These projects could not be possible without the support of many generous funders and partners, too numerous to name here. Please visit https://ourwestbayfront.org/majorpartners/ for a list of major funders.

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