Lift Liberty Street

Lift Liberty Street

Our West Bayfront is working with residents on improvements to Liberty Street from the bluffs to West 12th Street!

Liberty Street is the central north-south corridor through the West Bayfront community, linking West 12th Street to historic Gridley Park to the beautiful views of Presque Isle Bay.  Hundreds of homes and several businesses and institutions located on Liberty Street share this shady boulevard.

Thanks to a Renaissance Block grant provided by Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority with additional funding from other partners, OWB is working with residents and property owners to make improvements to this important neighborhood corridor. The work has started with matching grants for property repairs and enhancements, as well as sidewalk repair projects. The project complements the Gridley Park Planning Project which is also underway.

Additional improvements are possible, so we want to hear what is important to you!

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This project is made possible thanks to generous support from: