Local artists Ron Bayuzick, Tom Ferraro, and Ed Grout are developing a work of public art at Pontiac Field at Bayview Park honoring the legacy of this important ball field. The park was home to the African American team the Pontiacs who played here from 1936 – 1956 when baseball was popular outdoor entertainment in Erie and throughout the nation. The players who honed their sport on the field included Sam Jethroe who became National League rookie of the Year in 1950 as a Boston Braves player. 

The artists are asking for your help! Please take a look at the black and white picture below (which depicts another ballfield in the same era) and answer the questions following as though the picture were in color…

  1. What color(s) are their uniforms and hats? Choose up to 3.
  2. What shapes do you see in the picture? Choose up to 3.
  3. What is another object that could be found outside the picture frame?
  4. What would you smell if you were at the game?
  5. What sound(s) would you hear if you were at this game?
  6. Do you have any memories or knowledge of playing or watching baseball or softball at Pontiac Field? Please include any details of teams, uniforms, hats, etc.

We welcome responses by email to info@ourwestbayfront.org and by phone to (814) 450-9183.