West Bayfront PorchFest

September 11, 2021 at 11:00AM to 6:00PM

West Bayfront PorchFest

September 11, 2021 at 11:00AM to 6:00PM

On Saturday, September 11th Erie’s Our West Bayfront Neighborhoods will come alive with almost 20 pop-up performances on residential porches and businesses! Join us for a fun-filled day of music and entertainment while exploring the historic homes of the West Bayfront Neighborhoods.

All performances are free to attend, just bring your own chair and sit in a space that does not block sidewalk accessibility.

PorchFest Map

Click here for the PDF version of the map.





  • 1309 West 9th Street

Father Bill O’Brien





  • 443 West 8th Street

Wave Trails


  • 1152 West 9th Street

Julia Hamilton





  • 1262 West 9th Street 

The Old Guys

Ernie Williams & Blane Baker & Dave Vactor & John Gavin & Willie James Tate


  • 603 West 6th Street

The Bayfront Boys (Jazz)


  • 627 Myrtle Street

Alison Huffman and Adam Boaks


  • 323 West 2nd Street

Jack Campbell




  • 1242 West 10th

Cee Brown


  • 623 West 9th Street

Brooke Surgener (Acoustic Folk)


  •  519 West 6th Street

Stephen Trohoske Jazz Trio


  •  357 West 4th Street

Box of Chocolates




  • 1262 West 9th Street

Dave Van Amburg & Phil Papotnick


  • 519 W 9th St

Tommy Link (Acoustic)


  •  922 West 6th Street

Ron Yarman (Acoustic)


  • 501 West 4th Street

Doc Proto (Rap)




  • 1402 West 10th Street

Monica Lewis (Acoustic)


  • 1043 W. 10th St.

Chautauqua Jazz Revival


  •  312 Chestnut Street

Watan (Arabic)


  • 359 West Front Street

Yeshuwa and Jordy the Traveler


  •  562 West 8th Street

Lenny Ransil




  • 1330 West 8th Street

Familiar Spirit