How Are You Doing?

How Are You Doing?

During this challenging time for our community, as we practice “social distancing,” forgo many of the activities that keep us connected to loved ones, and stay close to home, we want to take a moment to reflect. Our West Bayfront is working in collaboration with artists Fredy Huaman and Alex Anthes to capture how this unique time is impacting our community, and we want to hear from you how you are managing during this crisis.

Please send us a quick note by email or mail to let us know how you are doing. Use any format you wish – a quick email, journal entry, poem, prayer, drawing – to capture what you are doing and feeling, and what gives you hope in this moment. The responses that are submitted will be used (anonymously) as material for a creative project in the West Bayfront this summer.

Could you please share your experience by answering these questions:

  1. How do you feel today?
  2. How are you spending your days?
  3. What brings you hope?

We welcome responses by email to

Although there has been a lot of change and everything feels very uncertain, we believe that through the act of sharing we will feel connection, and ultimately, hope.

If you are in need of assistance, please contact our office at (814) 871-7050.

This project is made possible thanks to Erie Arts and Culture.