The Project


Lights On! Our West Bayfront is a resident-run initiative that focuses on improving safety and visibility in Our West Bayfront neighborhoods by encouraging neighbors to leave an outdoor light on after dark.  In the spring of 2019, many volunteers collected data for each block on the number of homes that leave their porch lights on. This assessment revealed only about 1/3  of those homes surveyed left an exterior light on in the evening.

There is now an ongoing effort to distribute “dusk till dawn” light sensitive LED bulbs for residents to leave on to turn on at dark and off in the morning to have greater visibility and security at night.


We want to thank those that leave their lights on after dark, and encourage others to join your neighbors in leaving your lights on to help build a safer block!


Contact us if you are interested in receiving an LED Bulb for your home or if you would be willing to help distribute these bulbs to your neighbors!




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How are the lighting conditions on your block?

Please let us know by taking a few minutes to participate in our Lights On Neighborhood Survey!

Lights On Survey – CLICK HERE

Our West Bayfront Board Member and Neighborhood Leader, Candace Battles discusses the Lights On! Project as it relates to your residence!