Lights On! Our West Bayfront

Lights On! Our West Bayfront

Our West Bayfront Board Member and Neighborhood Leader, Candace Battles, discusses Lights On! OWB.

West Bayfront neighbors are looking out for one another by leaving a light on!

The Lights On! OWB initiative is an effort by Our West Bayfront to improve safety in the West Bayfront neighborhoods by increasing lighting and visibility, and by strengthening neighborhood relationships.

Our Progress


In the first phase of this initiative, OWB shared information about free energy efficiency kits available through the electric utility Penelec, and began distributing promotional materials that encourage residents and business owners to leave exterior lights on for safety.

Spring 2019

Resident volunteers collected exterior lighting data for a 16 block portion of their neighborhood. In this assessment about 1/3 of residential buildings were found to have an outdoor light on at night. OWB distributed free LED sensor bulbs on blocks where fewer people left lights on.


Further night time data collection revealed a similar 1/3 “lights on” trend in the rest of the West Bayfront’s neighborhoods. Residents went door to door in their area distributing automatic light sensitive LED porch lights to their neighbors.


Plans are currently underway to pick and install lighting and security hardware at no less than 3 focus regions in the neighborhood based in part on community feedback as well as EPD crime data.

west bayfront lightbulb pins

Above is a map showing the locations where “dusk til dawn” LED bulbs have been distributed (Yellow Pins), as well as the locations of community members who have provided digital feedback in the form of a survey (White Diamonds).

need a front porch light infographic

If you are interested in taking advantage of exterior porch lights installed for free through grant funding, complete the form below! We will reach out to you with further details upon completion. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Marissa Litzenberg at or calling 814-871-7960.

Exterior Lighting Application

To improve lighting and visibility in the West Bayfront neighborhoods, Our West Bayfront is able to install exterior lighting on residential and commercial properties in eligible areas through the Lights On OWB! program. The program covers the majority of the cost (with a $25 deposit) of installation and equipment of one exterior lighting fixture to be installed at the front of the property. This program is made possible thanks to funding from the Erie Community Foundation and through a grant from Erie Insurance throught the PA Department of Community and Economic Development Tax Credit Program.

Applicant Information

Property Information

If the property is a rental, is there a house meter that a new lighting fixture can connect to?

Optional Information

The following helps us identify other potential programs for which you may qualify, and if for grant reporting purposes.
Permanently Disabled
65 or older

Household Income

Please review the chart below and indicate whether the total household income of the property owner, including rental income collected and any income received (eg. Social Security benefits), falls below either 120% Area Median Income of 80% Area Median Income.
Is the property owner's annual household income below 120% AMI?
Below 80%?
If this is a rental property, is the tenant(s) income below 120% AMI?
Below 80%?

The owner agrees

  • To allow the contractor access to the property in order to complete work on schedule.
  • To allow the OWB on site to review the work completed.
  • To hold Our West Bayfront and funders harmless from any potential litigation or disputes involving quality of work and materials used on this project. OWB is in no way responsible for warranties or quality of work issues regardless of the sources of funds used on this project.
  • To post a sign (provided by OWB) indicating that the project is affiliated with OWB during construction.
  • To allow Our West Bayfront to use before/after photographs of the property in promotional materials.

Our West Bayfront reserves the right not to move forward with any application or property at its discretion, including but not limited to the availability of funds, cost of the project, or availability of contractors.

Feel free to contact us at 814.871.7960 with any questions.

An electronic signature that as the owner, of the above-referenced property, I certify that the information provided above is accurate. I agree with the terms listed above.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

This project has received funding commitments from the Erie Community Foundation and Erie Insurance through the PA Department of Community and Economic Development Neighborhood Assistance Program, a tax credit program available to businesses.