Free Street Trees Available!

Free Street Trees Available!

Our West Bayfront is making free street trees available to residents and property owners within the Our West Bayfront footprint. We are making this opportunity available to properties that may have room for a new street tree! All street trees are planted at no cost to the property owners, thanks to a generous grant from National Fuel.

Benefits of Street Trees:

Urban Greenery: Trees improve the overall aesthetics of our streets, creating a more appealing and vibrant neighborhood.

Environmental Impact: Trees play a crucial role in reducing air pollution, absorbing carbon dioxide, and releasing oxygen, contributing to a healthier environment.

Energy Efficiency: Strategically planted trees provide shade, reducing energy consumption for cooling in the summer and lowering utility bills.

Community Well-being: Access to green spaces has been linked to improved mental health and a sense of community. Street trees can foster a positive and welcoming neighborhood atmosphere.

Property Value: Tree-lined streets are often associated with higher property values, making it a wise investment for homeowners. 

 Buffer Between Sidewalks and Roads: Trees provide a buffer between sidewalks and roads, promoting safer streets and reduced traffic speeds 

How to sign up for a street tree:

Fill out the form below by February 16th, 2024

Tree planting expected to begin in March, 2024

Please contact Eric Kassah for any questions:

Phone: 814-871-5514 


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